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Endoscopical Renal Calculus Surgery
We are serving our patients a more comfortable operation for the treatment of renal calculus with endoscopical (nonsurgically) procedure which is the latest technology. There won’t be any cuts or sutures during or after the procedure. Our 3mm sized digital fiberoptic device is inserted through the urethra, into the kidney, and up through the ureter. Once the stone is located within the ureter, it is removed with a laser shot. The stone then crashes into smaller pieces then flushed out through the urinary passage. The operation lasts for an hour or less and it is done under anesthesia, without pain. You will feel 80% less pain after the procedure compared to other renal calculus procedures. You will get rid of your kidney stones with comfort.

MD Tuncay ŞAFAK Urologist 0212 440 32 32
Laser Epilation
Laser epilation is done with Alexandrite device and under the control of our dermatologists in our hospital.
Contagious Jaundice (Hepatitis)
Hepatitis, also known as contagious jaundice, can lead to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer if necessary examinations and checkups are not done properly.
In our Esenler Avicenna Hospital’s Infectious Diseases Clinic, all examinations for hepatitis can be done, if it’s needed, liver biopsy guided with ultrasound can be carried out and then we can start to a proper treatment for it.
Even if not a hepatitis patient, if a person shows symptoms of hepatitis they should be examined.
You can get detailed information for hepatitis from our Infectious Diseases Clinic for your questions and problems.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Abdulkadir Küçükbayrak
Infectious Disease Specialist
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
You can have detailed information from our Infectious Diseases Clinic for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Abdulkadir Küçükbayrak
Infectious Disease Specialist